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The Process

The Application

The first step is filling out the extension application found here. The application provides vital information for us in determining if we will be able to help you reach your hair goals through our extension services. We have also added information into the application such as general price ranges and the need for extension maintenance in order to help you completely understand the commitment of extensions prior to coming in for your consultation.


Color Match

Having an in-person consultation is incredibly important to us as it allows us to speak with you face-to-face about your hair goals, any concerns that you have, along with being able to see and feel your hair in person. Photos do not always accurately represent your hair’s condition, color, or texture, which is why we require you to come into the studio for a consultation prior to scheduling an extension application. This also allows us to color match your hair if you decide to move forward with scheduling your extensions. Our extension consultations are $25, which is applied towards your extensions on the day of application

As we just mentioned, we are often able to color match your hair during your consultation appointment, however, occasionally because of circumstances a separate appointment is required for this. If you get your hair colored at a different salon, or if your color may fade prior to your application, we may ask you to come into the studio for a complimentary 15 minute appointment so that we can see your current color in person and match it perfectly

Hair Purchase

Once you’ve decided to move forward with your extension transformation, we need to talk money. Look, we get it, you want the hair of your dreams but high end, human hair extensions that stand the test of time are not going to be cheap. At Edify Salon we believe that spending money on human hair is worth it and here's why... It looks and feels amazing, since it's real hair, you can style it with heat without worry because let's face it, fake hair will melt with high heat. Our hair stands the test of time and can be reapplied (with proper care) for an average of 8 months. That said, we offer a payment plan for you to manage the purchase of your hair. This makes the largest expense (the actual hair) affordable and customized to your budget. Once your hair is paid for, we order and begins the customized color work for your install appointment. 


Once we determine your final payment, we schedule your extension application. If you are also receiving color prior to or along with your extension application, the scheduling process typically follows one of two paths. First, we schedule your color service 1-2 weeks prior to your extension application. The second option is scheduling everything on the same day, which can be a several hour long appointment. Different color needs (such as corrective color) may require one of these options specifically. Most of the time, both options are available.

How quickly we are able to schedule your reservation depends on the length of the appointment along with your availability and your stylist’s availability.


Every extension method that we offer (with the exception of Halos and temporary Crown Extensions) requires some level of maintenance. We ask that if you choose to move forward with receiving extensions that you are committed to coming in at the suggested maintenance schedule in order to ensure your extensions remain safe and healthy for your natural hair. Most methods require maintenance every 6-8 weeks in order to maintain the quality of the extensions and the integrity of your hair.

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