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Haley did a perfect job at giving me exactly what I wanted! She is so full of talent and the sweetest girl. My hair looks absolutely amazing and I could not be happier with the services she provided me! She's wonderful!

6.30.2022 · Bianca


I cannot rave enough about my experience with Haley. The entire vibe of the salon was amazing and made me feel so calm and relaxed. Haley was so professional and literally gave new life to my hair. She was amazing and such a kind soul and my hair has never looked or felt better.

6.12.2022 · Bria


I don't normally do reviews but I had my first visit with Katelyn today and she was awesome. She listened intensely to what I wanted. She told me step by step what she was doing as she was doing it. I highly recommend her. She did a great job on my hair. I love it!!!

2.26.2022 · Sherrie

Ketmanee is MAGIC! I love her and her work and the Edify goes the extra mile both with what they do and how they do it. I always feel like a goddess when I leave.

5.26.2022 · Ruby

Ketmanee give me wonderful haircuts - i have curly hair and not everyone understands how to cut it, so I'm delighted to have found someone who does a brilliant job! I highly recommend Edify!

4.15.2022 · Janice


I lived in Johnson City for over 10 years and Edify is by far the best hair salon, not only in Johnson City but in the entire Tri-Cities area. The owner and her staff are professional, knowledgeable, talented, friendly, meticulous and passionate about everything to do with hair and hair products. They allot and spend sufficient time to personally consult with their new clients and are very attentive to ensure what is agreed upon and offered. If you want high-end establishment services and results but with reasonable prices, you will not be disappointed. I can't speak highly enough of Edify Salon, and I highly recommend it.

4.2.2022 · Charlotte 


Best salon in the Tri Cities!!! I relocated to JC for my older parents from DC and I continued to travel back there for cut and color!!  That is until I met Ketmanee!!! She is unbelievably talented and sweet and funny and loves her job so much!!! Everyone who works there is fabulous and the salon is beautiful.

11.3.2021 · Rose

The answer is yes, 1000%. This salon, staff, everything was absolutely amazing, AND THE HAIR. I couldn't recommend another salon more than this one. I am so happy with the way my extension turned out and blend flawlessly. Thank you so much to Ketmanee. I will never go to another salon again and I promise you won't either.

11.26.2021 · Riley

I would give Ketmanee ten stars if I could! She is very talented as well as warm and friendly. She is top notch!

12.11.2020 · Karla

If you are looking for someone who takes the time and effort to really personalize your hair needs and wants, Ketmanee is it! She’s only been in this area for a short time, but she is really an undiscovered gem.

12.26.2020 · Jessica

Blonde woman with curly beautiful hair s


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