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Our team has handpicked exclusive products and upscale services to bring to you what no other salon in the Tri-Cities area offers. These products and services align with our holistic lifestyle where we feel beauty shouldn't cost your your health. Our product lines, Original Mineral CØR Color (@originalmineral) and Oway (@owayorganics) styling products are PPD free, resourcinol free and ammonia free. Not to mention free of synthetic fragrances, paraben, cruelty free and VEGAN.  Thoughtful to not only our clients health but our stylists health, these brands source their ingredients from farmers who grow specifically for us on the hillsides of Bologna, Italy. O&M and OWAY are also fair trade beauty companies and that's a big deal to us!!!


We also carry HairStory, an equally phenomenal line with a minimalistic approach to hair care and a desire for sustainability and no fuss hair care. HairStory (@hairstorystudio) donates 1% to water charities and we sincerely applaud that behavior. 

Trionics and Besser Hair Care are our final products. Utilizing marine enzymes deep within our planets oceans, Trionics (@trionicshaircare) isolates seaweeds and algae that secrete natural enzymes rich with minerals and antioxidants. When isolated in the right combination, they infuse hair with health, strength and vitality. Besser Hair Care (@besserhair) has given the curly hair community the answer to their problems. Attacking solutions from a porosity perspective and delivering moisture and hydration with a follow thru of locking in your curl. There isn't a curly line that competes with this efficacy and perspective in curly hair care. Besser Hair Care is on point with our team at Edify Salon.


With these four retail lines our salon covers the bases for all hair types and remedies all hair challenges.

Aside from creating seamless color blends, the latest in hair color, cutting and styling trends daily, our stylist specialize in NBR, Natural Beaded Row, Hand Tied Hair Extensions. Although trained in several extension methods, we have fallen in love with the NBR extension method and once you get them in your head, you'll absolutely understand why. It is truly viable for all hair types and  textures with the freedom from all those sticky tape tabs and the ability to style your hair with ease from day one is absolutely where its at in the NBR extension game.


The team at Edify Salon has traveled the world seeking continuing education so that we can bring to you the latest trends in hairdressing. We are certified in NBR, Natural Beaded Rows hand tied extensions as well as various methods to include, Great Lengths keratin and tape-in extensions and micro-bead extensions. Click the I Want Extensions tab and fill out our extension application, book a consultation and let's get you closer to your hair you've always wanted.

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Seamless Color

Our stylists create a customized color formula for each individual client. We are trained in various application techniques to include balayage, hand painting and foiling, teasy lights, babylights, all the highs and lows of dimensional color often using several methods to execute your desired look. Check out our Instagram for a preview of our results.



The art of cutting hair isn't as easy as it might seem. To communicate your desires is historically a challenge in the hairdressing world. Our stylists are well trained in creating shapes, movement and will help you understand styling by the end of your appointment. All new clients are asked to book a "New Client Consultation" to properly discuss your likes and dislikes.

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