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Edify Salon is an​ education focused, holistic hair salon where we encourage people to step into their true selves, to uplift one another, to grow together and to be safe in our salon home. 

Many stylists and clients are now aware of the negative effects of some product ingredients on our health and the environment, encouraging salons to use products with the least chemicals.


Holistic Hair Stylists' salons and studios offer more than just a location for customers to get their hair trimmed, cut and colored. Holistic hairstylists provide more than just gorgeous hair. Instead, they unlock our best selves through compliant beauty goods, services, and business methods.


Holistic Hair Salons don't just offer "beautiful hair" - their stylists are specially trained to provide you with an upgraded level of beauty, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability.

Edify Salon is devoted to bringing education to both our professional hair community and our local community. Check out our Events Calendar for sign ups and happenings on our space.

At Edify Salon, our team is  also providing a welcoming environment where everyone feels like they are part of a larger family. We made equality a core value of our team. We are happy to create an inclusive environment where you will always be welcomed. Our gender-neutral treatments allow our team to not only accommodate everyone, but also to ensure that all customers are comfortable while at the salon.

As a team, we wanted to be eco friendly since we strongly believe we have a responsibility to reduce our influence on the environment as much as possible. We believe that sustaining healthy hair is about more than simply the products you buy, but also about a person's lifestyle and behaviors. We provide products that will not only benefit your body but also last a long period.


Our team also benefits from our holistic approach. We value work-life balance, fair compensation, and mental health support. We think that assisting and educating individuals benefits the community and the environment.



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Saturday 9:00 - 4:00

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"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."